What is my skin type? Skin Layers, Condition, and healing ingredients

What is my skin type? Skin Layers, Condition, and healing ingredients

Baby Face Diary April 22, 2020

Being the largest organ in our body, the skin’s primary purpose is to protect our body. It defends us from injury, germs, ultraviolet light, chemicals, and weather. We as humans also have to make sure we take good care of it, by keeping it well moisturized and healthy - but how much do we actually know about our skin?



According to WebMD and other sources, Skin types are commonly divided into five categories:


Normal Skin is the goldilocks zone of skin types; It is healthy-looking skin with a smooth texture. It’s not too dry, oily, irritating, or sensitive. It contains a balance of oil and moisture.


Dry Skin is sometimes caused by hereditary genetics and sometimes caused by environmental factors. It can feel tight, and can even crack and peel. Applying the right amount of water (too much water would make it worse) and using gentler cleansers will protect dry skin


Oily Skin is indicated by enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes.  This results in a complexion that can be dull, shiny, and/or thick. This is caused when pores become so big they release oil onto the face. Hyaluronic Acid and thin moisturizers should be able to help cleanse oily skin.


Sensitive Skin is considered red and itchy and overlaps with dry skin in terms of symptoms. This skin type is also sensitive to certain foods and ingredients, and can even be affected by alcohol, heat, and stress. It’s not considered to be a permanent skin type, and there are products that are very gentle in cleaning it.


Combination Skin is where different parts of your skin can have different types (so your nose could be oily, your forehead dry, and your chin normal). Because of this variance, different areas will require different types of care.



Did you also know the skin has three main layers that are responsible for taking care of both the outside and inside of your body? They are:


The Epidermis - A multi-layered area that protects the sink from weather and outside forces.  This is the part of the skin that creates our tone


The Dermis - This layer contains hair follicles and sweat glands, which are responsible for our heir and sweat respectively. This is the thickest layer of the skin.


The Hypodermis (aka Subcutaneous tissue) - The layer that contains connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. It is responsible for changing our body temperature.

the layers of skin



Even though our skin takes care of us, it can still be affected by negative skin conditions including:


  • Rashes
  • Moles
  • Measles
  • Dandruff
  • Acne
  • Inflammation
  • Herpes
  • Hives
  • Shingles
  • Ringworm
  • Warts


Some of these are temporary and go away with time or medication. Others are much more permanent and have to be treated throughout one’s life. Before you apply chemicals, medication, natural ingredients, or cleansers to your face, consult with a medical professional, doctor, or dermatologist on what is healthy to apply to your skin.



Speaking of healthy, some natural healing ingredients for the skin include:


Aloe vera - Used to address inflammation, wounds, and sunburns


Avocado Oil - Can help protect against UV-induced skin a damage


Charcoal - Helps collect excess oils, dirt, and chemical from the skin


Coconut - Treats dry skin and assists the hydration and moisturization of the skin


Sea Salt -  Removes dead skin cells


Olive Oil - Can treat acne and heal burns and damage to connective tissue. Also used in Anti-aging methods.


Pomegranate Extract - Reduces inflammation, wrinkles, and UV-damage. Helps thicken and heal the outer layers of the skin


Shea Butter - Can treat Rashes, sunburn, blemishes, and environmental damage to the skin. Was also used as a cosmetic in ancient times


What are some things you use to treat your skin? Know any cool facts about skin? Feel free to let us know on Instagram or Facebook


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