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24k Gold Energy Beauty Bar for Pulse Firming Vibration Massager

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The pure gold ions generated by this T font bar are very helpful to daily skincare with 6000 times per minute of micro vibration to perfectly promote the blood circulation.


For facial skin care:

Gently apply the beauty bar on your face after using skin care products, slowly glide the device in circular movements from inside to outside, from bottom to top. Be your best skin expert at home to take good care of your facial skin.


For hands and feet skin care:

The Beauty Bar can be used for hands and feet skin care as well. It can be used to take good care of any part of your skin.


For subtle parts skin care:

As to the subtle parts of skin, such as the skin beside your nose, you can easily do massage with the round part of the T shape head.


For acupoint massage:

Press the acupoint gently with the round part of the T shape head, 2-3 seconds will be enough!


Every day use 24 gold ion beauty bar can make your skin more young and beautiful.