About BabyFaceDiary


Why BabyFaceDiary?

BabyFaceDiary delivers assortments of authentic Korean sheet masks on a monthly subscription basis.

Once you become a subscriber to BabyFaceDiary, You will receive a variety of premium Korean sheet masks that carefully curated and handpicked every month


What's inside the box?

Mystery Fun includes a variety of 4 essential Korean sheet masks
Mystery Yay includes a variety of 6 premium Korean sheet masks
Mystery Wow contains a variety of 8 luxury Korean sheet masks


Can I purchase sheet masks individually in past box contents?

Yes, you can shop all sheet masks and other products in Shop Now - all products or by skin effect type as moisturizing / hydrating, brightening / whitening, firming / lifting, soothing / nourishing, cleansing / porecare


What is the cut-off date to order a box?

The cut-off date to order current month's box is the last day of the month EST


How long does it take to get the first order after subscription?

We ship out within 1-2 business days and you will receive your shipment in about 5-7 days


What is the difference between a Subscription or Gift BabyFaceDiary?

Our subscriptions and gift boxes contain the same sheet masks however how they are billed is differ

You will be billed immediately for the first purchase for both subscription and gift
Subscription boxes are billed on automatic recurring basis by your plan - every 1,3,6,12 months
Gift boxes are a one-time payment and no auto-renew


How do I manage my subscription and account information?

1. Log in to your account at https://babyfacediary.com/account/login

2. Go to "Your account" -> click "Manage Subscriptions"

3. Choose the option - subscriptions, billing information, purchase history


How much is shipping?

For all subscription orders:

We offer free US shipping and International shipping varies by country

For our market orders:

We are happy to offer free US shipping on orders $35+

International shipping varies by country


Can I get a free BabyFaceDiary to review?

We would love to work with influencers to share the fun and love about BabyFaceDiary. If you are interested in receiving a free subscription to review, please email us at support@babyfacediary.com including your full name, links to blog and/or social media channels, links to your past reviews.

Any other information you provide will be helpful for us to make our decision. You will be in contact if we feel that you are a good fit for us after the review