Scented Candle Sage

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1. Clean and purify-Sage candle calms and soothes the mind, also known as an air purifier. Embrace the scent of nature-light up candles and light up your mood! Help relieve fatigue, insomnia, irritability and depression.

2. Long-lasting burning-The wax content is 7.7 ounces (about 199.9 grams). These organic soy candles can burn cleanly to purify the air in the home for at least 55 hours. Natural fiber wicks provide the best burning effect for each fragrance .

3. Portable travel jar-the vivid leaf design printed on the shiny tin box, packaged in the gift box, will bring you a touch of freshness and remind you of the vitality of spring. The tin box is equipped with a lid to help keep the fragrance intact when not in use.

4. The perfect gift-the vivid leaf design is printed on the shiny tin box, bringing a touch of freshness and reminding you of the vitality of spring. It is very suitable as a gift for Christmas, New Years, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries , or just to express gratitude to anyone.

5. All natural materials-made of lead-free cotton core, to bring you biodegradable environmentally friendly products, allowing you to enjoy clean combustion, long-lasting aromatic happiness, uniform combustion, no black smoke, healthier, right The human body and the environment are harmless.